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leg ext2

In case you found yourself on the edge of your seat since reading the cliff hanger at the end of part I, I’m going to get right to the point. (more…)

leg ext2

In this week’s installment I’ve decided to discuss an exercise that gets a lot of negative attention: the seated leg extension machine. Seated leg extensions have been a mainstay in many bodybuilders leg training tool chests, and for good reason—they do a good job emphasizing the quadriceps. That being said, the knee stresses created by seated leg extensions have resulted in many physical therapists and strength coaches advising against this exercise. So what does the evidence have to say and does the leg extension machine belong in the dumpster or in your leg training routine?  (more…)


Few things can stall your progress in the gym like ineffective training practices. In reality, deciding what to do in the gym and how to do it shouldn’t be that complicated, but it doesn’t help when most everyone you talk to and read have a different take on what’s best.  In fact, many of these opinions are anything but helpful, and yet they somehow continue to get passed around like business cards at a networking convention. (more…)

Training for the Long Run: Too Legit to Quit!

Posted: December 13, 2014 by TRU in Random, Rehab
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Hammer Time

It isn’t easy to hang up the gloves when you still have a fighting chance. This week I’ve decided to discuss a common practice and necessary evil in the orthopedic world: when a doctor/physical therapist tells you to quit doing an activity or sport you love. If you’re someone who thrives off being physically fit what do you do when you find yourself on the receiving end of such a conversation? (more…)

Mind Your Muscle

Posted: December 2, 2014 by TRU in Fitness, Physique, Rehab
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conc curl

What I’m about to discuss is actually nothing new or particularly original, but a long held practice of the bodybuilding community. Unfortunately, this tactic has not quite found its way beyond bodybuilding to other fitness and rehabilitation pursuits. (more…)

Other than the Ten Commandments of Training, little is written in stone when it comes to training practices. In this series I’ll be giving you the skinny on various health and fitness topics that are especially up for debate, overcomplicated, and/or oversimplified. So let’s begin by talking about one of fitness’s most ubiquitous subjects: stretching.

leg stretch


Old School Leg Press

Ever wonder or hear that free weights are better than machines? In this series we’ll be taking a look at various machines you may stumble upon in your local gym and discuss whether or not they’re worthy of your time and the space they occupy. Ultimately, I hope to encourage you to think a bit more critically about why the machines vs. free weights argument isn’t so black and white…since not all machines are created equal.    (more…)

Training for the Long Run: Osteoarthritis (part II)

Posted: October 23, 2014 by truworkout in Fitness, Rehab

In part I of this series, I laid the groundwork for OA and hopefully gave you a sense that just because you love weight lifting doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have over abused joints to show for it. Now I’m going to explain HOW to go about doing this, in other words, stay in the iron-game without wrecking your joints.


It is not my belief that every weight lifter will acquire OA, but quite the opposite if they train intelligently. (more…)

Training for the Long Run: Osteoarthritis (part I)

Posted: October 21, 2014 by truworkout in Fitness, Rehab

Ever talk to a veteran bodybuilder whose shoulders ache just from the sight of a bench press? Or how about an old-time lifter who doesn’t squat anymore because of his bad knees? Well I have, and many of them are convinced that it’s the nature of the beast (or barbell) when you love(d) lifting weights. And while there is some truth to this, a love of lifting doesn’t mean your joints are doomed.

In this series I’ll be discussing various pathologies that can affect your average gym goer, how to minimize if not avoid the effects of them, and ultimately how to stay in the iron game. Everyone has their reasons for lifting weights, and the purpose of this article isn’t to try and sway you towards one or the other, but only to help ensure that if it is something you enjoy and hope to continue that things stay that way…for the long run.


It is not my belief that every weight lifter will acquire OA, but quite the opposite if they train intelligently. (more…)

Bigger Biceps: Enter the Rotator Cuff

Posted: October 15, 2014 by truworkout in Physique, Rehab

Arnold Biceps

Who doesn’t love reading about how to increase the size of their biceps? Countless articles have beaten me to the punch on this one, but I’ve yet to read anything on the helpful tweak I describe below. Enter the rotator cuff.

While much has been written on the rotator cuff muscles, most of that information tends to focus on shoulder pathology or its prevention, such as subacromial impingement. So why should you care about the rotator cuff and words you probably can’t pronounce if your shoulders don’t hurt and you just want bigger biceps? I’m glad you asked. (more…)