About TRU

A respectable physique isn’t acquired exclusively with a barbell anymore than rehabilitation should exclusively be done with bright colored bands. Every fitness goal requires a balance, and at the helm of that balance lies a site called TRUworkout.com.¬†Originally started in 2009, TRUworkout.com emerged with a vision to become a premier site for the fitness minded; a resource without the gimmicks, the fads, and the drama.

TRUworkout is a blend of the current literature demystified on a chalkboard in an old school iron-clad weight room. So whether you’re a veteran looking to stay in the iron game or a newcomer looking to partake in a future filled with sweat, defeat, glory, and enlightenment, welcome to TRUworkout.



  1. Bill says:

    Great website. Really enjoy the blend of Old School with current.

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