5 Tips to Help Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions Stick

Posted: December 28, 2014 by TRU in Motivation, Random
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While I’m not a huge fan of New Year’s resolutions, I am a fan of self-reflection and a plan for self-improvement. So for those of you who are planning on making a New Year’s fitness goal(s) here are 5 tips to help them become habits that may finally prevent you from getting caught in the endless cycle of failed New Year resolutions. 

  1. Get Angry


I don’t give second chances- Vince Gironda

There’s nothing particularly wrong with getting pissed off about your current level of fitness and overall health if you haven’t been able to make the improvements you desire. No you probably won’t see this advice much in pop-psychology and self-help readings, but as the saying goes, anger is more useful than despair. If you’re the type of person who is making resolutions you’re probably also the type of person who needs motivation. Getting angry about how you have failed to elevate your fitness in the past just might give you that much needed kick in the pants to get/stay in the game.

You can(and should) also use your anger as workout fuel once you’re in the gym; definitely a more useful tactic than feeling sorry for yourself. Surely there will be times when you are feeling unmotivated and discouraged, but as long as you can keep on biting back you’ll always have a fighting chance. Just remember to use your anger constructively and reward yourself as you make progress.

  1. Get a Friend

heavy duty

A training partner can improve your accountability and consistency…and intensity!

Don’t forget that life has gotten in the way of your fitness goals in the past and will continue to do so in the future.  It’s much easier to fall off the band wagon when you’re on your own. So try to get a friend to join in the battle with you. Don’t think you know anyone who might fit the bill? Then a good personal trainer might do the trick. Either way, you need someone else to count on and someone that can also count on you. My guess is that if you’ve previously failed to meet your fitness goals, training consistency was a part of the problem. Setting a specific time and knowing that you are meeting someone makes finding excuses not to show more difficult. If that isn’t reason enough, you’ll almost always have better workouts when someone else is in your corner spotting and encouraging you.

  1. Get a Motivating Gym/Atmosphere


Didn’t someone once say, “you are the company you keep”

If you’re anything like the majority of gym goers, then you better believe you spend a fair amount of your time checking out what everyone else in the gym is doing. And what that someone else is doing can certainly have an impact on what you’re doing. When you’re surrounded by serious gym-goers you’ll be more likely to follow suit. If on the other hand, you find yourself surrounded by those regulars who’ve made a habit of going through the motions at the gym…ditto.

Contrary to popular opinion, don’t just sign up at a gym because it has the most convenient location or the shiniest cardio equipment. Pick a gym that isn’t afraid to let out a grunt from time to time. A gym shouldn’t be a fashion show or a country club, but a gathering place for physical culturists with a purpose, and who only have something to prove to themselves.

  1. Get Real


Heard about that new exercise routine that will give you a beach body in one month…right!  

In contrast to the first point “get angry”, you also want to avoid unnecessary sources of disappointment. Sure you can be angry that you still have that weight to lose, under developed glutes, puny arms, etc. but being angry because you don’t have a beach body after one month of training is unrealistic and dangerously discouraging. It is critical that you don’t set yourself up for failure before you’ve even started, especially when motivation is already lacking. So get angry about the habits that have continued to prevent you from reaching your fitness goals, e.g. crappy eating, inconsistent gym-going, but not the things you can’t obtain without a magic wand; a workout isn’t a magic show, and even a barbell isn’t a magic wand.

  1. Take an Unflattering Selfie


Unfortunately for most of us, mirrors don’t take bribes

If you’re self-conscious about your physique then you don’t have to show it off to the world, but definitely show it to yourself. Placing a few unflattering photos of yourself (yes that means no touch ups/editing for once) in places where only you will see them several times each day can serve as an unapologetic reminder that it’s time to improve your fitness/physique. Don’t have time to exercise? Well I guess you must have time to keep staring into those sorry looking pictures day after day. In the end, you’ll likely either end up accepting your perceived shortcomings or stop procrastinating and take action to better them. And assuming you opt to take action to improve your fitness/physique, replace those embarrassing selfies with your new and improved photos as a motivating way to visually track progress.

So put these 5 tips to practice and who knows, by this time next year the only unflattering selfies left may be the ones in the archives…you know, way back in 2015.

A year from now you’ll wish you started today – Karen Lamb

Happy TRU Year’s,


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