5 Things a Thanksgiving Feast Has in Common With Your Workout

Posted: November 26, 2014 by TRU in Fitness, Motivation, Random
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Buff Turkey

Thanksgiving is often at odds with people’s fitness goals, with many accepting the fact that their fitness is probably doomed until New Year’s (sound familiar?) But if you have what it takes to prepare a Thanksgiving feast than you may also have what it takes to stay ahead of the fitness curve. So read on to learn 5 ways a Thanksgiving Feast is not all that different from your workout.

  1. Preparation and Planning


Expecting to just show up and have Turkey and all the trimmings on the table might work for a guest, but isn’t going to cut it when you’re the host. Likewise, showing up to a gym and expecting results to fall in your lap also calls for a reality check. A well served feast like a well-proportioned physique are both the products of preparation and planning, and aren’t to be had without calculated effort. That effort shouldn’t scare you away however, since it is the effort that ultimately allows the enjoyment

  1. The Feast and The Workout

zane posing

The legendary Frank Zane shows each body part’s essential contribution to the whole physique

A generous slab of Turkey may be the punchline for most, but the trimmings are what allow the main course to really take its full effect and shape the experience. A properly designed workout like a well-prepared feast should complement itself from start to finish. A great set of pecs or a divine derriere may be the ultimate goal, but shouldn’t be taken out of context and must be kept in relation to the rest of the body. After all, the best looking Turkey in the world just isn’t as savory in the presence of unpleasant side dishes.

  1. Celebration

classic Thanksgiving2

Grandma, would you please pass the whey protein-infused gravy?

Thanksgiving feast is a time to rejoice in the company of those you care about. And it is great even when it isn’t perfect. Perhaps the Turkey was a bit dry or the bread a bit too burnt, but the overall experience is still one of satisfaction. The feast of fitness should take a similar course, meaning even if you haven’t quite met all of your goals, the process was still worthwhile. After all, it’s the process that really counts.

  1. Results


Sure you may gain a lb or two, but keep in mind that one day of gluttony is unlikely to wreck your fitness any more than one terrific day of eating and exercise will enhance your fitness. It’s the routine i.e. what you do on a regular basis (think months to years) that is going to paint the big picture in regards to your overall health and fitness levels. So don’t be afraid to take a few liberties on a day like Thanksgiving, especially if doing so is not the norm.

Tip: Many gyms are still open Thanksgiving morning so use that as an opportunity to offset the evening if possible. Also, go light on breakfast and lunch if you know you’re really going to be stuffing your face for dinner e.g. don’t eat a stack of pancakes for breakfast and then a large bowl of pasta with half a loaf of bread for lunch when you know a large dinner is on its way.

  1. Reflection

First TG

Let us not forget that Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and give thanks for one’s blessings. Many are without food on a day when others have plenty. In that vein, many cannot afford a gym membership or endure great hardship to exercise when others may belong to more than one gym within a 3 mile radius, and yet they still can’t find the time. Lethargy and stagnation are to be abandoned while hard work and accomplishments should be celebrated. Rejoice in the things that have been done well  (habits, relationships, etc.) and seek to overturn those which have not…there is ALWAYS room for improvement, and possibly even dessert.

Happy Thanksgiving,


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