leg ext2

In case you found yourself on the edge of your seat since reading the cliff hanger at the end of part I, I’m going to get right to the point. Read the rest of this entry »

leg ext2

In this week’s installment I’ve decided to discuss an exercise that gets a lot of negative attention: the seated leg extension machine. Seated leg extensions have been a mainstay in many bodybuilders leg training tool chests, and for good reason—they do a good job emphasizing the quadriceps. That being said, the knee stresses created by seated leg extensions have resulted in many physical therapists and strength coaches advising against this exercise. So what does the evidence have to say and does the leg extension machine belong in the dumpster or in your leg training routine?  Read the rest of this entry »

Frank Zane

As you might recall from the Ten Commandments of Training, consistency is one of the most crucial elements of fitness (yes, it’s in stone). So this week I’ve decided to take a closer look at what it means to be consistent and also discuss a simple hack that can prevent you from sabotaging your results. Read the rest of this entry »

Arnold Jog

The physique enthusiast’s guide to cardio

Trying to write a guide on this cardio business was quite an enduring feat. While I had hoped it was going to be short and sweet, much like a HIIT session, it somehow ended up being more of a marathon…ok maybe a half-marathon. In any event, whether you’re a physique enthusiast currently avoiding cardio, a veteran gym-goer who religiously does cardio, or a newbie who is just thinking of starting, start here and save yourself some time and potentially wasted effort. This is The Truth on Cardio. Read the rest of this entry »


Few things can stall your progress in the gym like ineffective training practices. In reality, deciding what to do in the gym and how to do it shouldn’t be that complicated, but it doesn’t help when most everyone you talk to and read have a different take on what’s best.  In fact, many of these opinions are anything but helpful, and yet they somehow continue to get passed around like business cards at a networking convention. Read the rest of this entry »


While I’m not a huge fan of New Year’s resolutions, I am a fan of self-reflection and a plan for self-improvement. So for those of you who are planning on making a New Year’s fitness goal(s) here are 5 tips to help them become habits that may finally prevent you from getting caught in the endless cycle of failed New Year resolutions.  Read the rest of this entry »

Training for the Long Run: Too Legit to Quit!

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Hammer Time

It isn’t easy to hang up the gloves when you still have a fighting chance. This week I’ve decided to discuss a common practice and necessary evil in the orthopedic world: when a doctor/physical therapist tells you to quit doing an activity or sport you love. If you’re someone who thrives off being physically fit what do you do when you find yourself on the receiving end of such a conversation? Read the rest of this entry »

Top Ten Badasses of All Time

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This week I’ve decided to take a break from health and fitness research and simply pay homage to some of the best in the business. Why? Directly or Indirectly, these individuals have inspired many a couch potato to get off their arses and head straight for self-improvement, whether that be in a gym, a dojo, or a jar of pomade. And while research can be terrific, sometimes we just need a little good old fashion inspiration. Read the rest of this entry »

Mind Your Muscle

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conc curl

What I’m about to discuss is actually nothing new or particularly original, but a long held practice of the bodybuilding community. Unfortunately, this tactic has not quite found its way beyond bodybuilding to other fitness and rehabilitation pursuits. Read the rest of this entry »

Buff Turkey

Thanksgiving is often at odds with people’s fitness goals, with many accepting the fact that their fitness is probably doomed until New Year’s (sound familiar?) But if you have what it takes to prepare a Thanksgiving feast than you may also have what it takes to stay ahead of the fitness curve. So read on to learn 5 ways a Thanksgiving Feast is not all that different from your workout. Read the rest of this entry »